11 Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom Extra Cozy (2024)

Have you ever wanted to transform your bedroom into a cozy oasis, but thought it would cost a fortune or take a lot of time and effort? We have good news for you—you can update this space in the blink of an eye to maximize comfort (without spending a lot or committing to any structural changes).

And it doesn't matter if you have a tiny or large space or modern or traditional taste: These updates will mesh with any interior. For insight into the best ways to make any bedroom space cozier, we tapped five design professionals for their simple, achievable tips.

15 Little Things You Can Do to Beautify Your Bedroom

Give Your Space a Fresh Coat of Paint

When it comes to cozying up your bedroom, the right paint color can have a huge impact. "Find a soothing tone like Benjamin Moore Cloud White or Sherwin Williams Sea Salt," says interior designer Taniya Nayak, emphasizing the value of color choice as well as the painting method. "Always remember—for the ultimate calm and cozy vibe, no one wants to look at a poor paint job, so keep your trim clean and crisp by using a good quality painter's tape." And don't rule out deeper tones: While light paint colors tend to make rooms appear larger, dark shades can yield a cozy, compact setting.

Embrace Scent

The correct scent can also create a homey atmosphere in any bedroom. "I love the relaxing ambience and soothing scents of a candle, which adds a cozy factor to my bedroom," shares Nayak who prefers Jo Malone London's Wood Sage & Sea Salt candle. If you're worried about the hazards of a real flame, alternatives like scented room diffusers or battery-operated candles also work. You can even try essential oil diffusers or plug-in scents that double as nightlights.

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Layer Up

Another surefire way to make your bedroom more restful is by layering your bedding with "comfy textiles like flannel or cotton sheets, down comforters, quilts, and throw blankets," says Nayak. "Not only is it cozy, but the layers look stylish and inviting." For throws, pick something seasonal that moonlights as décor and matches your holiday accents. Or use a year-round piece in a luxe fabric like cashmere; eco-friendly iterations made with recycled cotton are even better.

Keep Your Bed at the Right Temperature

A cozy bed isn't necessarily an ultra-warm one—especially if you prefer to sleep cool. That's what it's also important to pay attention to the temperature of your sleeping space, which coincides with bedding material type and the number of layers you choose, particularly when it comes to picking sheets and comforters, says Corinne Bentzen, general manager of Home Depot Home. Since the latter comes in a variety of weights, you should customize for comfort and seasonality—and it's best to pick the "warmth level that works for you," Bentzen says.

Choose the Right Sheets

High-quality sheets also "make a huge difference in your sleep and last longer after washing, standing the test of time," Bentzen says, noting that flannel is one of the softest and most popular materials for staying warm (without overheating) in winter. The same is true for Egyptian cotton, which is "one of the best year-round, luxurious options you can choose," she adds. And if you run chilly? Eco-friendly, wool-filled bedding is the leading option for cold sleepers.

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Add Soft Textiles

As you scout for bedding, aim to fill the rest of your bedroom with textiles you'll also want to touch; think soft varieties like wool, bouclé, leather, and velvet. "These textures add depth and dimension," says interior designer Stacia Garcia, who advises starting with your windows. "Use an outer drape with an interior shade. Take a page from hospitality and go with a blackout shade."

Then, focus on weaving soft fibers into every nook of your space, from furniture to rugs and accessories, to achieve the ultimate snug spot.

Consider the Texture, Size, and Placement of Your Rugs

Whether you have vinyl, tile, hardwood, or carpeted flooring, you can layer a rug over it. These floor coverings ground your space and add texture, color, warmth, and comfort underfoot. If you opt to place a rug under your bed, you should see at least 3 feet of the textile on either side, notes Garcia. When possible, pick earth-derived and soft materials like wool, cotton, or silk for an extra-comfy touch.

Budget Rug Solutions

If you're looking to spend less, adding a runner to the left and right of the bed is a clever budget solution—or you can layer less expensive options, like a faux hide or fur rug, over your main one (instead of springing for a brand new investment piece).


And while you can place a rug in several areas of your bedroom, this guide will help you choose the right rug for your bed size, so you can plan your cozy layout with confidence.

Adjust Your Lighting

You can also create a relaxing atmosphere with lighting. Avoid having only one light source (such as a harsh ceiling fan) and try layering your lighting, instead. Using this design trick will level up the functionality and mood of your space.

Lighting Types

Generally, there are three types of lighting you can layer: task, ambient, and accent. Task lighting provides illumination for detailed work (like a table lamp used for reading on a desk), while ambient lighting creates a unified lighting level. Accent lighting, on the other hand, is used to highlight a certain object or space, like picture lights that shine above artwork.

Bulb Types

As you pick your light fixtures, aim to insert the right bulbs, too, says Sarah Fishburne, the director of trend and design at The Home Depot. To start, try eco-friendly dimmable bulbs, which allow you to "control brightness and create an ambient atmosphere," she says, noting that these options will add to the coziness of your space and reduce your energy bills.

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Add Fresh Plants or Florals

To transform your bedroom space into a personal sanctuary, use "natural materials, plants, and elements that spark personal joy," Fishburne says. Adding fresh greenery or blooms will make your bedroom feel more serene, promote better mental health (science says so!), and add beauty to your space.

Don't Skimp on Pillows

The coziest bed looks as good as it feels, says Stefanie Mullen, an interior designer and the co-founder of JJandStefanie.com. For sleeping, she prefers a body pillow, which creates depth behind decorative pillows during the day, gives the bed a comfy, overstuffed feel, and forms the coziest sleeping companion at night.

When it comes to decorative options, throw pillows can add visual interest and tie a room's color scheme together, says Bentzen—but don't go overboard: "One or two pillows in different patterns and sizes can make a big difference," she stresses, recommending changing textures and colors depending on the season.

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Get a Headboard and Footboard

A headboard and footboard are pillars of a comfortable bedroom, says Mullen. "A mattress against the wall is stark and uninviting," she says. In addition to visually softening the space, headboards are typically budget-friendly and widely available (you can find them online or secondhand). Footboards, on the other hand, create what Mullen calls an adult crib. "It surrounds you and makes you feel safe and cozy," she says.

Make It Personal

Social media may make this particular upgrade difficult, but don't lean too heavily on trendy designs or feel like you need to create picture-perfect spaces. Instead, "create a room that is full of your happiest memories," shares Mullen. "Nostalgia is the coziest feeling."

According to Mullen, whether you incorporate your favorite books, photos of you and your partner in Paris, a special piece of art, or an heirloom dresser, all will bring comfort to your personal oasis. "It's always fun to buy new things, but it's the nostalgic pieces that bring us joy and make our rooms and hearts feel cozy," she adds.

11 Easy Ways to Make Your Bedroom Extra Cozy (2024)


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