20+ Simple and Delightful DIY Bird Bath Ideas For Your Garden 2023 (2024)

Are you looking for DIY bird bath ideas to attract birds to your gardens? Building a bird bath is an excellent idea that will improve pollination in the garden because they move pollen from one flower to the other. Moreover, if you attract enough birds, they will serve as natural pest control, especially if your garden has issues with Japanese beetles.

Keep reading to find out the best, easy-to-make and fun ideas for bird baths. With a little bit of creativity, standard tools and supply materials, and tips from this article, you can build stunning bird baths!

Alongside bird baths, you can get bird food, provide shelter and nesting opportunities to make your garden a bird-friendly space!

But first, let’s build a bird bath!

20+ Simple and Delightful DIY Bird Bath Ideas For Your Garden 2023 (1)

1 Bird Bath from Old CDs

If you are about to throw the old CDs away, why not use them to make a decorative and practical bird bath? For the project, you can use an old terracotta bowl that will serve as a base.

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Clean the dish and leave it in the sun for a couple of hours so when you start your CD mosaic, the surface is completely dry. Cut the CDs into small pieces and start gluing them to the bottom and sides of the bowl.

The last steps are spraying the mosaic with clear paint and using grout to fill in the empty spaces.

Check out what happens when you spray CDs with paint!

2 Elegant Vintage Bird Bath

To build a vintage bird bath, I suggest you pay a visit to the local thrift store where you can find vintage supplies, such as a lamp or glass serving bowl for your birth bath. Disassemble the old lamp, and start building the neck of the bird bath. Screw the bowl on top to serve as a water basin.

Great way to use an old lamp for bird bath.

Watch this video: How to make a DIY bird bath with an old lamp

3 Simple Rustic Bird Bath

If you don’t want to fuss around with making a holder for your bird bath, you can make a hanging bird bath. Collect twigs from the local forest and weave a nest on which you will put the terracotta bowl.

The only things left to do are to use a rope and a hook to hang up the bird bath on the nearby tree.

4 Bird Bath of Milk Can

If you can find an old milk can, use it as a holder for the plate. This bird bath will work great with a solar-powered fountain, which is easy to assemble. Use decorative glass and rocks to personalize the look of the bird bath. You can also paint the can and a plate with spray paint to make it fancier.

5 Use a Planter

Here is an interesting idea! If you have a taller planter for your flowering plants, add poles and attach a bird bath on top. You can use a solar-powered fountain for the project and a simple plate or a shallow bowl.

The planter with a bird bath on top will become a focal point in your garden, and is a great addition to small gardens.

6 Tomato Cage Bird Bath

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a bird bath, here is an idea to try. You’ll need a tomato cage and a poly saucer for the project, both of which cost about $5 in total. You can also use spray paint to make a delightful bird bath.

Add water to the saucer and wait for the birds to come! Replace the water regularly and clean the saucer.

7 Pots Bird Bath

The possibilities are endless for making a bird bath by yourself! You’ll need several smaller pots and a flat top piece, a saucer to put on top. If you like it, you can put a ceramic statue on top.

Additionally, if you cannot find the pots and saucer in the color you want, you can always repaint them to match your preferences!

8 Hummingbird Bird Bath

Traditional bird baths aren’t practical for hummingbirds, so you can try something else. Prepare a plastic container, different size PVC pipes, PVC elbows and caps, submersible pump, decorative rocks, misters, and adapters.

Use plumbing supplies to create the construction and attach misters. Decorate the container as you want. Lastly, attach the pump and wait for the hummingbirds to come!

Check out the step-by-step guide for making the bird bath for hummingbirds.

9 Terracotta Bird Bath

Terracotta is great for DIY projects as it fits into all garden settings. The next project includes at least two terracotta flowering pots, three saucers, glue and paint.

Put the largest saucer on the bottom, and glue the pot in the middle of it. Then, the middle-size saucer is on top, and repeat the process. You can paint the middle parts to make the bird bath more delightful!

10 The Easiest Bird Bath Ever

Do you have a tree stump in your garden you are desperate to remove? Well, stop for a minute there. Instead of removing the stump, add a saucer with water on top of it. To personalize it, you can paint the saucer, add a statue or even pair it with a solar-powered fountain.

11 Glass Bird Bath

A glass bird bath looks stunning in the sun, it glistens and attracts the birds and the views! To create a tower for your bird bath, you’ll need glasses and vases to put on top of each other. Lastly, you’ll need a wide glass bowl to put on top. I recommend choosing the glass pieces carefully to create a cohesive structure.

12 Cement Bird Bath

Cement bird baths might be the most challenging and messier to make, but they certainly look amazing and last for years. Prepare a large leaf, a cement mixture, and a wired construction to use as a mold. Interestingly, elephant leaves will work great because they are textured and large.

Start by adding cement to the leaf, and add a wire to support the structure. Let the construction dry for two days, and peel the leaf off! You can place it on top of any structure strong enough to it.

Watch the video: Another cement bird bath made from things you probably have

13 Candlestick Birdbath

Don’t throw away your old candlesticks. Instead, find them a new purpose. You can put a ceramic saucer on top or a glass bowl. But, do spray the entire structure with the same paint to make the bird bath more elegant.

If you don’t want to struggle with paint, you can use a pot lid and turn it upside down. Fill the lid with water and that is all!

14 Fruit Bowl Bird Bath

As you can see, you can use practically anything to make a bird bath, including glass dishes. For the irregularly shaped bowl, put the plate first, and then glue the bowl on top. For a tower, you can use glasses or vases.

15 Jute Bird Bath

Jute is a great craft material, and you can use the material to decorate simple glass bird bath elements. Go to the dollar store and get a couple of same-sized glass vases, and two smaller ones. Wrap smaller ones with jute and place them in the larger ones.

Assemble the bird bath and put a bowl with water on top. The clear vases with jute cores will look charming in every garden.

Find out more about jute and ways you can use it in your crafts projects.

16 Succulent Planter Slash Bird Bath

Succulents are resilient plants that can be grown in bulk. You’ll need an old vintage ceramic jar, a jug and two plates for the next project. First, put the plate with soil and succulents on top of the jug, making sure the plants are only distributed across the edges of the plate.

Add the jar in the middle and place a plate with water on top.

Don’t worry that you may accidentally overwater your succulents because they are so near the water source. Outdoor succulents need more water than indoor varieties because they are more exposed to sunlight and warmth.

17 Bird Bath for a Rock Garden

If you have a couple of trash can lids and stones, you can quickly make your bird baths. Choose flat stones and put them on top of each other to create a tower. Gluing stones together might be a bit tricky, but it will add the necessary stability.

Attach a trash can lid on top and fill it with water. You can also put the stone in the middle of the lid to keep the structure balanced.

18 Hanging Bird Bath

You can make a hanging bird bath using a plastic saucer, reinforced clothesline and scrap treated wood. The procedure is simple.

Build a construction that will hold the saucer and tie the sides with a clothesline. It will look similar to a kids tree swing and can be made similarly. But, instead of a seat, you’ll put a saucer in the center.

Complete process of making a simple hanging bird bath

Watch this video: Hanging bird bath made simple

19 Another Hanging Bird Bath with Terracotta Saucer

The next project is simple to make. It also gives you endless possibilities in terms of painting and decorating. Before you start, you’ll have to wash the terracotta saucer thoroughly and let it dry. Prepare the sealer, brushes and paint.

Apply one coat of sealer and then use paint you like. You can also draw on the bottom of the saucer or use a stamp to decorate the bottom. Finish with two thick layers of waterproof sealant! Then use a nylon cord and hook to hang the bird bath on the tree.

20 Seashell Bird Bath

For tropical gardens, you can easily make a seashell bird bath. All supplies are available in a dollar store, and the seashells you can use the ones you collect at your latest holiday.

Fill the glass vases with seashells and use them as a tower. Put the glass plate on top, fill it with water, and your bird bath is ready.

21 Wooden Bird Bath

Wooden bird baths aren’t as popular as concrete and glass models, but they are as fun as they are simple to make. Find four wooden stalks about the same diameter.

Those will hold the bowl you will fill with water! Instead of stalks, the wooden slats will work as well. Then, put the wooden bowl on top of it and fill it with water!

Discover what else you can use on top of the stalks!

22 Plastic Colorful Bird Bath

If you want a cheap and easy-to-make bird bath, get a few plastic pots of different sizes. Put the biggest one as a base, then the smaller one on top and so on until you reach the height you want.

Glue one large saucer on top of the structure and add a smaller one in the center!

You can repaint and decorate the pots as you want. The alternative is using a large container and a smaller pot on top.

Why Buy Expensive Bird Baths, When You Can Make Them Yourself?

A basic concept behind a bird bath is simple – an elevated dish holding water! From that point, you can experiment with different materials and use pumps to make more advanced structures.

Options for decorations are also endless – from old CDs to colorful rocks, plants, fruits and statues. Maintaining a bird bath is also simple. Replace the water and keep the bowl clean, and the birds will love the corner you prepared for them!

Which idea will you try first? I cannot decide between a plastic pot bird bath and the one with an old candlestick.

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20+ Simple and Delightful DIY Bird Bath Ideas For Your Garden 2023 (2)
20+ Simple and Delightful DIY Bird Bath Ideas For Your Garden 2023 (2024)


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