Cet outil de génie applique chaque bon de réduction Priceline à votre panier. Que rêver de mieux ! (2024)

Cet outil de génie applique chaque bon de réduction Priceline à votre panier. Que rêver de mieux! (1)



    Cet outil de génie applique chaque bon de réduction Priceline à votre panier. Que rêver de mieux! (2)

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    Cet outil de génie applique chaque bon de réduction Priceline à votre panier. Que rêver de mieux! (3)

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    En savoir plus sur Priceline

    Nous essayons de nous assurer que toutes les informations affichées ici et dans la section Questions/réponses sont exactes. Cependant, tous les détails, y compris les détails relatifs aux programmes, règlements, offres, remises, promotions et programmes de récompense de la boutique, sont fournis à titre indicatif uniquement, sous réserve de modifications et peuvent être inexacts ou obsolètes. Vous pouvez consulter les informations les plus récentes et tous les détails sur la boutique en ligne.

    About Priceline

    Priceline is a world leader in travel deals. With more than 20 years' worth of experience in negotiating the best travel deals, Priceline has made it easier to find the best location and deals for your next vacation, all of which can be found on their platforms via desktop, mobile app, and tablet devices. Priceline’s unique options and tools for saving such as Express Deals, Pricebreakers, and Trip Builder are accessible and make planning your next adventure or relaxing getaway possible. This means that you can eliminate the stress of planning a trip and book a vacation--from start to finish--all with a suite of fun and easy to use tools. Priceline offers customers deals on lodging and transportation, from flights and rental cars to hotels and resorts, and everything in between, all at published retail rates and at prices with exceptional savings.

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    Cet outil de génie applique chaque bon de réduction Priceline à votre panier. Que rêver de mieux! (4)

    Conseils d'achat

    Discover and Save with Pricebreakers

    Feeling relaxed within your budget, anywhere in the world, has gotten easier with Priceline’s Pricebreakers platform. Pricebreakers helps travelers choose from three fully disclosed hotels, listed under a single low rate - up to half off of published retail prices. When you book, the winning hotel is revealed. All hotels within the Pricebreakers platform are highly rated, and with customer review scores, booking the best quality hotel for that top quality vacation is something you can rest assured about. Whether you need complimentary breakfast or free wi-fi, the Pricebreakers platform allows travelers to find and view the perfect hotels with advanced filters for hotels with those extra special amenities including, free breakfast, free wifi, spas, pools, and more.

    Bundle and Discover Greater Savings with Trip Builder

    Trip Builder is a booking platform that lets travelers bundle multiple parts of their vacation, all with the benefit of experiencing remarkable savings. With the Trip Builder platform, reaching your destination with ease and comfort can be achieved when you combine a hotel, flight, rental car, and private accommodation into a single transaction. By bundling, travelers gain access to privately negotiated rates made available exclusively to shoppers. You can book a variety of travel accommodations ranging from one flight and multiple hotels in different cities to road trips featuring stays in hotels and private apartments, and no flight in between. With Trip Builder, the quantity of trips that exist in the vacation is combined into one quality adventure--all at one low price. When a trip is created using the bundling features available through the Trip Builder, the savings are greater and prices for each booking are less than if they were booked independently.

    Save on Your Hotel Stay with Express Deals

    Express Deals allows travelers to book hotels, flights, and rental cars at discounted rates. When you are booking your hotel stay, Priceline shows you the price, the neighborhood, the amenities, and the ratings before you book. Once you purchase the booking, the exact hotel name is revealed. The simple step of hiding the hotel upfront name is why Priceline can sell a room at up to 60 percent off.

    Cet outil de génie applique chaque bon de réduction Priceline à votre panier. Que rêver de mieux! (5)


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    Cet outil de génie applique chaque bon de réduction Priceline à votre panier. Que rêver de mieux ! (2024)


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