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Discover the latest innovations in medical technology to ensure your medical facility infrastructure is optimised and future-proofed. Through keeping up with tech developments, you can increase efficiencies and implement new processes that can save your team time and money.

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Data Connection & Security

Moxa products are used to connect medical devices to an IT environment and secure the measurement data. Their uses also extend to sending over condition data from laboratory equipment for predictive maintenance. Further applications include building infrastructure, such as hospitals and laboratories - discover Moxa network solutions today.

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Moxa Medical Application Devices

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Featured Product Ranges

EDS-205A Unmanaged Ethernet Switches
EDS-2005/ 2008 EL(P) Unmanaged Ethernet Switches
EDS-2000-ML series Unmanaged Ethernet Switches
EDS-2016-ML Series Unmanaged Ethernet Switches
ioLogik E1200 Series Remote I/O Modules

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OSRAM-AIRZING-PRO-5040Intelligent UVC lamp, ideal for labs and medical applications. UV-C radiation generated by high-energy UV-C lamps moves at a wavelength range between 200 – 280nm, which is very versatile and can be used for disinfecting water and destroying more than 99.9% of all pathogens within seconds, without addition of chemicals, without harmful side effects. The AirZing pro is equipped with an IR sensor to shut system down when people are detected entering the UV workspace.

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Lighting for Hospitals & Medical Facilities - UVC LEDs

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ILR-OV01-O275-LS030-SC201UVC LED for disinfection/sterilisation applications. The OSLON® UV series is designed to provide efficient UV-C radiation for medical, home goods and consumer applications as well as many more. It allows for flexible designs for various types of UV-C applications in the areas of air, water and surface disinfection and purification, as well as treatment or sensing.

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Pressure SensorsMedical facilities rely on different gases to assist with respiratory treatment, administer anesthesia and perform laparoscopies. Gas monitoring is therefore an essential task and a Pressure Sensor that is accurate, clean for medical applications and will not cross-contaminate the gas supply is essential.Discover our Range
Rotary Position SensorsHematology diagnostic instruments, also referred to as blood analysers, require very accurate blood flow for accurate measurements. A Rotary Position Sensor measures the position of the valve regulating the flow of blood into a measurement chamber to allow accurate readings to be taken.Discover our Range
Flow SensorsLaser machines are used for aesthetic skin treatment, however lasers inherently produce large amounts of heat. To maintain the integrity of the laser, cold water is circulated in a loop to cool the equipment. An electronic Flow Sensor ensures that cool water has passed through the entire loop and will send a signal anytime the coolant flow drops below a certain critical level.Discover our Range
Linear Position SensorsDialysis equipment removes metabolic waste products from the body, usually from patients suffering kidney failure. Linear Displacement Sensors are used for controlling and monitoring the dosing pump within the dialysis machine. The pump provides reliable and adjustable blood flow, which decreases the risk of clotting.Discover our Range

Top Sensor Brands

Indicator LightsIndicator Lights are important components withing medical facilities, indicating application of power as well as showing operational or malfunction status of a piece of machinery.Discover our Range
Emergency Stop SwitchesStopping a machine abruptly in the event of an incident can be critical in a medical environment to prevent danger or preserve life, as well as raising the alarm in an emergency.Discover our Range
Solid State Relays (SSR)SSRs control motors for profile beds and dental chairs, regulate temperatures for blood analysers, dialysis and incubators as well as offer safety for disinfectors, sterilisers and laboratory ovens.Discover our Range
Capacitive and Touchless SwitchesHygiene and safety are key parameters to any healthcare setting. Touchless Switches have become more popular following the pandemic and the need to manage spread of pathogens, while Capacitive Switches have created a new, easy and safe user experience.Discover our Range

Top Switch & Relay Brands

RF ConnectorsRF Connectors can have a number of vital uses in healthcare, from MRI to patient monitoring.Discover our Range
Circular ConnectorsCertain Circular Connectors can be used in a range of medical applications, including in operating theatres and in intensive care units.Discover our Range
Metric ConnectorsMetric Circular Connectors provide high reliability and high quality, making them ideal for medical applications.Discover our Range
Industrial ConnectorsIndustrial Connectors offer fast and reliable connections, ensuring medical applications remain safely connected at all times.Discover our Range

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Facility and Infrastructure - Distrelec Nederland (2024)


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