MyScheduler Overview (2024)

MyScheduler is a new Facility Scheduler view designed specifically for staff employees who want quick access to their schedule, requests, notifications, and employee profile settings.

Please click the link to view a brief introductory video about MySchedulerand its features. Introduction to MyScheduler.

Accessing MyScheduler

Following the introduction of MyScheduler, when you access Facility Scheduler using your old bookmark, you will be redirected to the MyScheduler application.

MyScheduler Overview (1)

MyScheduler Landing Page: Calendar View

MyScheduler is intended for use by staff employees such as employees who have nosupervisory responsibilities.Users assigned both a staff role and additional permissionswithin Facility Scheduler such asCharge, Scheduler, House Supervisor, etc.will continue using Facility Scheduler. These users can access MyScheduler by clicking Schedule > MyScheduler in the Facility Scheduler navigation bar.

Click the Facility Scheduler button in the main navigation bar to return to the Facility Scheduler application.

Log In to MyScheduler

MyScheduler utilizes the HCA single sign-on database to provide access. If you are logged into the network, your 3/4 ID and password will be automatically recognized when accessing MyScheduler.

If you work on a shared computer or are accessing MyScheduler outside of the network, you will be required to enter your 3/4 ID and password when accessing MyScheduler. When you complete your scheduling tasks, click the logout icon in the screen header and close the browser.

MyScheduler Overview (2)

Outside Network Login Screen

My Schedule

The MyScheduler homepage displays your current schedule period in an interactive calendarformat. Click Department View to see the department schedule. Click the arrows next to the schedule period date to view past or future schedule periods. Clickthe home icon in the screen header to return to the current schedule period.

The Schedule Period Commitment progress bar displays the number of hours scheduled per week based on your commitment. If your commitment is 36 hours per week, the circle will be complete once you meet that threshold. The circle turns yellow if you exceed your commitment and red when there is overtime.

MyScheduler Overview (3)

MyScheduler Interactive Calendar View Displaying Employee Schedule

MyScheduler Overview (4)

Read-Only Department Schedule View

You interact with your schedule from the Calendar Viewby clicking dates. If you click a day on which you are scheduled, a side panel will display details about the shift, a list of people also scheduled for the shift, and options to trade the shift.

  • Pro Tip: To request shifts for multiple, consecutive dates, drag your cursor across the numbers in the calendar view. The selected dates will display in the side panel. You may deselect dates from those originally selected as needed.

If you select Trade Event, a list of employees qualified to trade the shift displays. You can select from this list or search for a specific employee name with whom you wish to swap shifts.

MyScheduler Overview (5)

Shift Details and Option to Swap

Clicking a blank date cell on a future date allows you to request time off, indicate your unavailability to work on the selected date(s), or to self-schedule during the self-scheduling window (if applicable). When requesting time off, your estimated PTO accrual displays in the pop-up window.

MyScheduler Overview (6)

Calendar Pop-up to Request Time Off

When entering Unavailability, you can see how many unavailability days you have remaining for use during the selected schedule period. The maximum number of unavailability days you can requests during a schedule period is determined by your department settings.

MyScheduler Overview (7)

Calendar Pop-up to Record Availability to Work on Selected Date(s)

My Profile and Notifications

Click the Profile icon in the screen header to view your employee information, manage your scheduling preferences, and to opt in to receiving SMS text messages on your mobile phone.

MyScheduler Overview (8)

MyScheduler Screen Header Displaying Profile and Notification Icons

A badge displays over the Notifications icon when you have scheduling notifications such as PTO approval, shift trade swap requests, and open needs approvals. Click the icon to view notifications.

Schedule Period Commitment

If your home department requires you to work a specific number of hours per week and/or a specific number of weekend shifts per scheduling period, you can now easily see how close you are to fulfilling that commitment. The Schedule Period Commitment progress bar updates as you add and drop shifts for ascheduleincluding during self-scheduling periodsand posted schedules.

Your commitment is calculated per pay period rather than by week. So, depending on department settings,you may work fewer shifts one week and more the next in order to meet your pay-period commitment.

  • Important Note: If your department requires you to meet a schedule commitment during the self-scheduling period, the schedule Submit button will not be activated untilcommitments for all pay periods within the schedule period are met.

MyScheduler Overview (9)

Schedule to Commitment Progress Bar

Additional Information

Accessing MyScheduler


Employee Profile and Notifications

Calendar View



MyScheduler Overview (2024)


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